Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Innocent Smoker - The girl you would never think smokes

I think we have all seen several in our lifetime of smoking sightings.  The girls that you would never think smokes at all.  She is with a friend enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the park.  The friend lights up and we can only hope. We sit and wait. 

Hoping that like her friend, the innocent looking one somehow smokes as well.  So many times the innocent one turns out to be just that.  A non-smoker.  Conservatively dressed.  Blonde hair pulled back.  No way she smokes.


But sometimes we are treated to a truly special sighting.  The innocent friend that smokes!  Here we have just that.  She pulls out her own cigarette and joins her friend!

The concentration on her first drag after lighting up says it all.  This innocent looking girl is not a just social smoker at all.  She is the real deal.  A committed lover of smoke.

The pause before she inhales.  The lovely look on her face before pulling the smoke deep into her waiting chest.

Her friend is clearly happy as well as she joins her innocent looking friend who she clearly corrupted.  Was she the one who influenced her to start smoking a couple of years back?

This innocent looking girl smokes like a true pro.  Fingers part as she takes a long drag inhaling to her toes.

Finally a talking exhale to finish our set.  One of the truly good sightings of a candid smoker.  The girl you would have bet your house on that she did not smoke turns out to be a pro smoker.


  1. Awesome! You're description and those pictures are simply telling a wonderful story!
    Sadly it's a seldom witnessed one...

  2. Really like your blog. The smoking fetish isn't given enough attention elsewhere!

  3. I saw the sweetest innocent petite dainty looking woman like she would be the chairwoman for the anti smoking group, but she had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, she was absolutely adorable. I saw her from time to time and she smoked alot a white 100 B&H and loved to dangle her cigarette. I could see her through the window at her work and she had a cigarette going constantly she smoked around 3 packs a day. She walked by and I heard her cough and she had that deep gurgling heavy smokers cough she earned from such heavy smoking. She was in her 30s but had been a chain smoker for a long time and quitting wasn't an option for this woman who lived on cigarettes. She was a dream a nicotine queen puffing on a cigarette white long and lean once she tried to quit and got real sad and mean and so she keeps on puffing she a cigarette feind.