Thursday, October 10, 2013

Emma Roberts Smoking in American Horror Story: Coven episode 1

Well it only took a single episode of the new season of American Horror Story for Emma Roberts to reward us with a wonderful smoking scene.  It was a bit brief only lasting about half a minute, but given the past history of smoking on American Horror Story, we are surely in line for many more scenes during the course of the season.

This is season 3 of the wonderful series and the focus is on a group of witches hiding out and trying to survive in New Orleans.  Another young actress joining Emma Roberts in Coven is Taissa Farmiga.  She gave a few nice smoking scenes in season 1 of American Horror Story - Murder House.  I would expect a few smoking scenes from Taissa Farmiga within the next couple of episodes!

It looks like another wonderful storyline from the refreshing and original show.  Episode 1 was off the chain! Given the history of the cast returning in different roles for new seasons, we can only hope that American Horror Story becomes a recurring gig for the beautiful Emma Roberts.  Here are a couple of caps from the Emma Roberts smoking scene in American Horror Story: Coven.


  1. You need to post more. Love the site.

  2. Real witches don't smoke commercial poison.