Monday, October 14, 2013

Beautiful Smoking Girl - One of the best candids of all time!

For me, there is just not much better than Eurosmoke.  They have been around for years and during that time have captured some of the greatest candid smoking moments.  Some of the stuff is simply spectacular.  Today I shall share one of their wonderful captures.

This girl has beauty to spare and as she prepares to take a drag off her cigarette the anticipation is through the roof.

Who would have expected what was to follow though?  So many times we see a beautiful girl like this smoking and the experience does not live up to expectations.  She takes a small drag or does not inhale deeply at all.

Here we have a beautiful girl that truly loves to smoke.

Goodness!  Is that one of the best of all time?  Just look how hard she drags on her cigarette.  Look at the concentration in her eyes and on her brow.

You know she inhales to her toes!  In my opinion one of the best candids of all time!  Thank you Eurosmoke for this beautiful smoking blonde goddess!


  1. She's truly stunning ... if I'd seen her in person, especially while she was smoking, I'd have to pick my jaw up from the floor!

    And is it just me, or does she look quite a bit like Elisabeth Filarski/Hasselbeck?

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