Friday, September 27, 2013

The Beautiful and Talented Claire Danes smoking

Oh Claire Danes.  Truthfully one of my top 5 actresses of all time.  No question about it.  So spectacularly cute as she crashed onto the scene in My So Called Life.  So very innocent in her role.  So very real as she stumbled through high school life.

Then she teamed up with Leonardo Dicaprio in the edgy version of Romeo and Juliet. She was magically beautiful in her role as Juliet.  This is when rumours of her smoking began to surface. 

So many of us dreamed of the day that she might have a smoking scene.  We waited patiently.  Finally we got our reward.  The little known flick entitled Polish Wedding.  One of my favorite smoking movies of all time. 

Claire Danes plays the role of the not so innocent daughter of some wacky Polish parents.  And she happily sneaks around smoking in almost secret!

Then Bam!  Several Claire Danes smoking roles in succession.  Brokedown Palace. Igby Goes Down.  Evening.  It's All About Love. Even a brief scene on Saturday Night Live.

Unfortunately her smoking scenes have dried up the last few years.  Luckily she continues to be one wonderful actress.  Currently she tears it up on Showtime's immensely successful Homeland where she has won an Emmy two years in a row for her work.  Maybe one day we will be lucky enough for another smoking scene from her, but we can always look back to her younger years with happiness.

If you have never seen Polish Wedding check it out.  You'll be terribly impressed!


  1. She smokes in Homeland occasionally.

  2. She smokes in Homeland occasionally.