Monday, September 16, 2013

Kristy & the Barnett Family Smoking Part 8

It was getting close to time for school to start again.  Kristy would be a freshman and the oldest at the junior high which was 7-9th grades in Southlake.  It had been a fun summer but Kristy was looking forward to getting back to see everyone and the start of soccer season.

Now that Kristy's mom Kim knew about her smoking, Kristy had been happily smoking four or five a day.  Her mom even allowed her to grab a pack from her own cartoon when Kristy needed.  She didn't like to smoke in front of her mom at all as of yet though.  In fact, since the soccer trip she had only smoked in front of Kim once.  Kristy kept her smoking private enjoying her Marlboro lights upstairs in her room.

Surprisingly her father did not have much to say at all about her smoking.  Kristy had yet to smoke around him, but he never made a single comment for or against.  Kim didn't have much of a problem with her daughter smoking.  She was the exact same age when she started anyway.

Kim saw so much of herself in her youngest daughter.   Her adventurous nature.  Her curiosity.  She even had almost the exact same smoking style with the way she held the smoke in her lungs several counts before exhaling.

Kristy truly enjoyed smoking and had no real feelings of addiction...she just had a cigarette whenever she pleased.  That would be changing soon with school starting though.

With only a week until the start of classes it was time for the annual school clothes shopping trip.   Kristy had invited her best friend Devin to join Kristy and her mom.  Devin brought along her moms credit card and was looking forward to a fun trip to the mall to get some new clothes.

Devin arrived right on time and the three headed it to the huge Grapevine Mills Mall at eleven am.  Kim listened as the two best friends chatted away about the latest fashion and which stores they planned to hit.  Kim lit a cigarette the drove with neither girl even taking a notice.  They much too much focused on the fun day ahead.

Kim dragged on her Marlboro 100 and thought back to her childhood days to when she loved the school shopping too.  She inhaled to her toes as she loved hearing the two freshman-to-be debating and laughing.  After a long pause she finally exhaled, releasing the pleasure in a stream of smoke that bounced off the windshield in front of her.

Kim couldn't park fast enough after arriving at the mall.  Both girls were ready to go and it was off to shop and shop.  Store after store.  Outfit after outfit.  The girls were having a blast.  They must have spent over $250 each and we're beginning to slow down a bit.  It was almost 2:00 and they never even stopped for lunch so Kim suggested they grab a bite to eat before heading home.

The girls were all for it as they suddenly felt the hunger arrive that has been surpressed from the fun of shopping.  The group enjoyed a nice meal at the Chili's outside the mall and rehashed all the spending fun.

Soon it was time to head home and the three hoped in the car. Kristy suddenly felt the urge for a cigarette.   She had only had one the entire day and it was after 3:00.  Throw in the good meal and she wanted one ever so badly.

Of course the first thing her mom Kim did after buckling up was to grab her cigarettes.  Her mom quickly lit up and exhaled leaving Kristy to smell the wonderful smoke she wanted.  She looked over at her mom who was getting ready to pull out of the parking space.

Kim placed the cig in her lips for a dangle as she used both hands on the steering wheel to get out of the lot.  As she looked for cars, Kim turned her head to look out the passenger window and saw Kristy staring right at her.

Almost immediately Kim knew what her daughter was thinking.  The mind of a longtime smoker knows and Kim saw the plea in her daughter's eyes.  Kristy wanted to smoke so badly, she widened her eyes as her mom looked her way in an effort to let her know.

Kim got the idea and out of the blue grabbed her pack and handed it to her 14 yr old.  Devin was watching from the back seat and couldn't believe her eyes as Kristy's mom was actually giving her a cigarette.  Devin didn't say a word. She just took in the whole event as Kristy quickly grabbed the pack and extracted a Marlboro light 100 of her own.

Kim had only seen Kristy smoke a couple of times so she paused to watch her young daughter light her own cigarette.  Both Kim and Devin observed as Kristy eagerly placed the long white cigarette between her lips and lit up.

Devin was completely taken aback by what she saw.  Kristy seemed to pull on the cigarette for four or five seconds before removing it and inhaling.  Kim was also impressed as her daughter's chest rose visibly from inhaling the smoke deep into her lungs.

Kristy turned to her mom and grinned before letting loose a long exhale.

"She is one hell of a smoker" Kim thought to herself after watching her daughter handle the cigarette the way she did.

"Now please keep your cigarette held low while we are driving honey" Kim told her as she drove off.

Devin had a back row seat for a smoking display on the ride home.  Devin sat in the middle of the backseat where she could observe both of them on every drag.  Kristy's mom with her long pauses before exhaling left Devin wondering how she held the smoke inside for so very long.

Then she watched as Kristy would actually drag harder than her mom it seemed.  She didn't hold the smoke inside as long as her mom, but her exhales were larger and longer.  Devin also noticed smoke escape from her best friend's nose on every exhale and then for a couple of breaths later Devin noticed small whips of smoke as well.

The freedom the two showed got to Devin.   The mother and daughter smoking together peaked her interest.  There must be something to this she thought.  After weeks of telling her best friend she had no interest at all in trying a cigarette, Devin was having her walls broken down.

"Clearly Kristy loves smoking so why wouldn't I like to too?  We enjoy all the same things" Devin thought to herself as they made their way home from a successful day of shopping.

The two girls jumped out of the car almost before Kim had the car parked.  Grabbing their bags the two girls raced up to Kristy’s room to review all their purchases from the day.  Devin plopped herself on her friend’s bed as Kristy pulled new clothes out of her bags, showing them off.  Devin’s mind was somewhere else though and she was ready to talk with her best friend about it.


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