Sunday, August 11, 2013

Simply a Beautiful Smoking Woman!

Wow what a beauty!  Elegantly dressed.  Stunning.  For me this would be a sighting to remember for the ages.  It's rare to see such a beautiful candid smoker, much less get such wonderful candid pictures of her.  Spectacular job by the immensely talented Eurosmoke for grabbing these.

You can tell she is well off, well educated and a committed smoker.

The concentration in her eyes as she finishes her long pull on the cigarette is obvious.

She turns her head for an exhale as she trims her cigarette.  Then she goes in for a monster drag.  Look at that!

She inhales deeply.  Pausing before releasing a huge exhale.

Just look at all that smoke pouring from her.  One of my favorite exhale pictures of all time I think.

Such a beautiful young smoking woman!  If we only had video. I hope you enjoyed these candid smoking pictures as much as I did.

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