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Kristy & the Barnett Family Smoking Part 7

And the saga continues .......
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Another week passed quietly and it was time for the big soccer tournament in Dallas.  Kristy had been waiting for it all summer!  She loved her soccer and was one of the studs of her team.  It was about a five hour drive to Dallas and it would just be Kristy and her mom Kim for the weekend.  Her father just wasn’t a big soccer fan and preferred to stay home after a long week of work.

Kristy had slowly been smoking more over the summer and she just wasn’t sure what the weekend would hold.  She was very excited about the soccer tournament and hanging out with Devin and the rest of the team all weekend.  She was not looking forward to not being able to smoke for a few days. 

Both Kristy and her mom packed up on Thursday night and prepared to hit the road on Friday morning.  They would be in Dallas Friday afternoon.  Kristy knew Thursday night would likely be her last chance to have a cigarette for a few days so after everyone was in bed she snuck into her bathroom quietly with plans to enjoy a cig.

Although she had been smoking only a couple of months, Kristy knew how much she enjoyed it.  She lit up and took her now customary good sized drag.  Inhaling deeply she glanced into the mirror as she released a long, elegant exhale.  Kristy thought of the long drive the next day and having to watch her mom smoke all the way in the car.  She was going to go nuts!

They were up early the next morning.  Kristy checked all her stuff another time just to make sure she had all her soccer gear.  She sent her best friend Devin a text to see if they were up and gone yet  as she heard her mother Kim call from down stairs “Time to go kiddo!”

Kristy bounded down the stairs ready for a fun soccer weekend in Dallas. The two hopped in the car and headed out.  It was early and Kristy decided to grab a couple more hours sleep while her mother drove. She awoke later as Kim stopped to fill up the car with gas.  Slowly waking up Kristy looked out of the car to see Kim coming back from paying with a fresh pack of Marlboro Light 100 in her hand.  Oh how Kristy would love a cigarette!  Now she was going to have to suffer as there were still a couple hours driving left.

Kristy pulled out her phone to see what all was going on.  Devin had left about an hour after them according to her text.  A lot of the girls were sending messages as it was the first big travel tournament of the year and they were all excited.

Then she heard the familiar rustling from her mom.  Kim was opening the new pack and getting ready for a smoke.  Kristy wanted one so badly.  She glanced over as Kim placed the cigarette in her mouth and flicked the lighter to life.  Kristy stared as Kim took her first drag and inhaled deeply.

Kim couldn’t help but notice Kristy looking her way as she exhaled.  She had been curious before about Kristy watching her smoke and here it was again.  Kim decided to test the theory again purposely waiting a couple of minutes before her next drag.

Kim waited patiently even though she wanted to.  Finally after a couple of minutes she raised the cigarette and took a hit.  Sure enough Kristy’s eyes flashed her way.  Kim could feel her gaze as she exhaled a long stream of smoke over the steering-wheel. 

Now what was she supposed to do?  Her ideas had been confirmed fully this time.  Kristy was definitely watching her smoke.  Kim had never been a shy one though so she decided to speak up. 

“Kristy are you watching me smoke?  It feels like you watch me when I smoke.”

Kristy was busted.  She had no idea what to say and she had never been any good at lying at all.  Kristy waited a second and then said “No mom!”  But it was obvious.  Both of them knew.  Kristy sat in silence dreading what was to come next.

Kim thought during the lull.  “Wow that little booger is so lying” she thought to herself.

“Kristy, it’s pretty obvious you are lying.  Why have you been watching me smoke?  Are you curious about it?”  Kim couldn’t believe where she was going with this, but something kept her going.  “You know I was about your age when I first tried it.”

Kristy was speechless.  What was her mom up to?  She responded “Oh really?”

Kim nodded as Kristy looked over.  ”Yes I was in the 8th grade”  she said chuckling.  Kristy could sense the situation becoming less tenseful.  The youngster decided to keep the conversation going.

“What happened Mom?”

“Well you know your grandmother is a lifelong smoker.  She always had cigarettes around and I began to sneak them once I got curious.  That’s pretty much it,”  Kim said chuckling.

“Well actually mom I have been a bit curious.  You really like to smoke I see.”

Again Kim nodded.  “Yes I enjoy it.  What are you thinking about?”

This was the point of no return for Kristy.  She could either go big or continue to hide and sneak around.  She decided to go for it.

“Ummm well truthfully mom, I have tried it.” 

Kim didn’t expect that answer at all.  She thought her youngest daughter might just be curious.  She had no idea Kristy had smoked before!

“Oh really?  Kim said trying not to freak out.  “So you have tried smoking?

Kristy was scared of her moms reaction but she gave a slow nod.

“And what did you think about it?” 

Kim could not believe what she was learning.  Even though she had small suspicions she never thought her youngster would pick one up.

Kristy was not sure what she should say.  Would her mom be accepting?  Would her mom freak out?  She decided to play it safe.

“Well it was ok I think. It wasn’t as bad as I expected at all.”

Kim paused as she thought back to her beginnings and how quickly she took to smoking.  “I was the same way.  It didn’t take me long to decide I liked it.”

Kristy sensed her mother softening.  “Same here.”

“Oh.  So just how many have you tried miss?”  Kim questioned.

“A few.”

Kristy’s response led to silence from Kim.  Her mom was digesting the information.  Kim remembered how much she enjoyed smoking from the very start and how  her own mother handled the situation.  She loved the way her own mother was accepting and did not punish her decision.  Times were a bit different then though. 

The two still had a solid three hours drive to Dallas and they were well out in the Texas country.  Kim figured it was as good a time as any. 

“So would you like to have one now since we are kinda out here on our own?  Kim asked.

Kristy was totally taken aback.  Of course she wanted a cigarette in the worst way, but there was hesitation in her answer.  “Ok.’ She responded.

“Well grab my pack and get you one.”

Kristy was genuinely excited now.  She took her mom’s pack of Marlboro Light 100s and pulled one out.

Kim watched as her 14 year old placed the long all white cigarette in her mouth.  She expected a tense lightup and an uninhaled first drag.  What she got was totally the opposite.  Kristy lit up quickly and took a 3 second drag before inhaling deeply.  As her daughters chest rose with the inhale, Kim was forced to glance back at the road while driving.  Kim was completely surprised.

“Well, well, well little miss” Kim stated.  “You certainly are not new to smoking Kristy.  Just how long have you been sneaking them?”

Kristy was busted.  She collected herself and replied “A couple months.”

Kim replied “That’s obvious.  You certainly do not smoke like a beginner.”

Kristy sat in silence.  She raised her cigarette and took another drag equal to her first.  Her mom glanced over as her 14 year old daughter released a good sized exhale.

“It’s obvious you like it Kristy.  I can tell just by your body language.”

Kristy nodded sheepishly.

“Well, what are we going to do about this? Kim asked.  “I would guess you want to continue to smoke.?”

Kristy nodded again hoping for the answer she was looking for.

“I think we can come to some agreement.  Let me think about it.”

Kristy grinned as she raised her Marlboro Light 100 for another contented drag.


  1. I like where this has gone. Nicely done. Can't wait for the further smoking exploits of Kristy and Kim!

  2. Great story. I've written a few in my day as well and this has definitely grabbed my attention. Hope it continues and thank you for sharing.

  3. I'm loving this story!
    I keep on getting back to this site almost every day, hoping to see that another part has been published!

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