Monday, August 26, 2013

Ashley Greene is just smoking hot!

What a beauty Ashley Greene is.  One of the hottest young stars in Hollywood today and one of the stars of the hugely popular Twilight Saga of films.   she is on her way to stardom and hopefully a long acting career.

Ashley Greene is also one of Hollywood's most beautiful smokers.

She has four movies on the way with CBGB, Random, Staten Island Summer and Wish I was Here hitting theatres over the next year.  She will definitely have at least one smoking scene in CGBG.  Here is a recent screenshot leaked from the movie.

One of my favorite movies of hers is The Apparition which is playing on HBO right now in fact.  She showcases her true beauty as she deals with some bigtime scariness onscreen.  She has one scene in particular where she takes a shower and then parades around in some black lingerie.  Nice!

Ashley Greene did have a couple of smoking scenes in the 2010 movie Skateland. She also had a quick scene in Butter that also included a very hot lesbian encounter with Olivia Wilde!  An  up and coming star for sure.

Look for more great Ashley Greene smoking material coming soon.

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