Monday, July 1, 2013

Oona Chaplin Our Game of Thrones smoking star

Wow Oona Chaplin.  So beautiful as the young nurse and bride of Robb Stark.  For me she stole most scenes she was in with her stunning natural beauty.  Oona was perfectly cast in the role of Talisa and it pained me to see her demise in the season 2 finale after her dramatic rise.

Stunning eh?  And check out this tidbit of trivia.  Oona Chaplin is the granddaughter of the very famous Charlie Chaplin.  How cool is that.  Quite the legacy.

So color me stunned when I found out she had smoking roles onscreen.  I never would have thought.  Seems she made several appearances in a show entitled The Hours in 2011.  For me, she doesn't look her best in the series as it is set pre-Mad Men and she dresses very conservatively. 

Most recently though she has broken out in a TV show titled Dates.  Oona has made a couple of appearances and smoked most impressively twice. Just check out this scene!

As you can see Oona Chaplin smokes!  Quite clearly she is not just smoking for the role. 

Being only in her 20s Oona Chaplin has a long acting future ahead of her.  Hopefully we will see her many more times in the future!


  1. I love her! She is so beautiful and a true legacy. Great to see her smoking. Thanks so much for posting!

  2. Check out BBC show "The Hour" which is non-stop smoking, in particular from Oona.