Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kristy & the Barnett Family Part 6

Kristy had been smoking a couple of months now.  Over the last two weeks she had gone through the pack that her sister Jessica had bought her.  She was completely out and was hoping she would not have to sneak them again from her mom like she used to at the start. 

It was a Wednesday night and the house was quiet.  Jess was over at a friends house.  At least that was what she had told Kim.  Mark was out of town on business and would not be home until Friday.  It was just Kim and Kristy at the dinner table.

The two finished up dinner as they chatted about Kristy's soccer team and the big tournament they had coming up Labor Day Weekend in Dallas.  They both loved the travel tournaments.  After finishing Kristy helped her mom clear the table and clean up a bit.

Everytime she entered the kitchen Kristy eyed her mom's Marlboro Light 100s pack sitting on the counter.  She was really wanting a cigarette.

Meanwhile, her sister Jessica was leaving early from her friend Amy's house from hanging out.  Seems she just wasn't able to focus at all and decided to head home a bit early.  She hopped in her car and started her ten minute drive back home when her mind wandered.  Jessica had the urge for a cigarette. 

She made her mind up to act upon the urge and she made the right turn into the 7-Eleven.  Jessica was nervous, but she had bought cigarettes before.  The 18 yr old went up to the counter and bought a pack of Benson & Hedges the same brand she had tried with her grandmother a couple of weeks back.

Proud of herself, opened her brand new pack before driving off.  It had been a few days and Jess was so ready to smoke again.  She was still a bit nervous so she pulled into the park near her house.  Placing the cigarette in her mouth she flicked her lighter to life and touched the flame to her B&H.  Sucking the smoke into her mouth she absolutely loved the menthol taste.

She removed the cigarette and inhaled.  "Mmmm nice" she thought to herself.  Jessica had no trouble inhaling deeply at all, just as her grandmother had showed her.  A big exhale followed as she glanced in the mirror.

Nobody was around.  She was free to smoke to her own content.

Meanwhile, Kim was enjoying a smoke of her own on the back porch.  As she paused for a drag her mind wandered.  She inhaled deeply and savored the feeling as she held the smoke inside her lungs before exhaling into the slight breeze.  Her thoughts wandered to her two athletic daughters.  Kim had been suspicious of the her 18 yr old for weeks now ever since she found a pack of cigarettes in Jessica’s purse.  It felt like she had been going thru her packs a bit faster of late.  She wondered if she was smoking more lately or was there a cigarette fairy in the house.

Leaving the park, Jessica decided she wanted to tell her little sister about her smoking experience.  Just how would she do it though?  She knew Kristy would freak out for sure.  Especially after how Jess had treated her last month when she caught her smoking in their bathroom.

Much later that night nobody was awake so Jessica decided to open her bedroom window and have a cigarette.  It had been two weeks since her experience at her grandmothers and she was taking to smoking.  Jess had only smoked a handful of times, but as we previously said she was a perfectionist.  Jess had watched her mother and grandma for years.  It came easily to her.

The senior-to-be had never smoked in her room though and was a bit nervous.  She turned off her television to eliminate any light in the room at all and slipped over to her window with her Benson & Hedges cigarette ready.

She quietly opened her window and brought the cigarette to her waiting lips.  Flicking the lighter Jess brought her menthol to life and drew in her first puff.  She had not gotten used to taking big drags when lighting yet, so a short drag it was.   She was still a bit nervous.

You would not have been able to tell from there though as Jess looked to be a natural born smoker.  Years of being an athlete and especially a swimmer had given her a huge lung capacity.  Though not quite ready to  get the full smoking experience she still took good sized drags for a girl of her age and smoking history.  She finished her cigarette and headed off to bed thinking of when and how to break the news to Kristy.

Kristy was at the same stage as her big sister.  She wanted to share with somebody.  Last month Kristy had mentioned smoking to her best friend and soccer teammate Devin who had quickly scoffed at the subject.  Kristy was going to try again.  She was going to tell Devin that she smoked and hoped the reaction would not be too bad.

It was the first month of summer so she sent Devin a text to see if she could come over and hang out.  It was her mother’s errand day so she knew they would have the house to themselves.  Devin wasted no time in answering and planning to head over in an hour or so.  Kristy was nervous as to how her lifelong friend would react, but she was ready. 

Devin arrived and the two bounded upstairs to Kristy’s room talking all the way up the stairs.  Plopping down on the bed Kristy asked what the new news was on Devin’s crush.  Devin had been to shy to make her feelings known and Kristy wanted the latest scoop.

After chatting awhile about boys and stuff Kristy decided it was time.  She was so nervous, but she wanted to tell her best friend.  Now was the time.

“Devin, remember a few weeks ago when I asked you about smoking?”

Devin nodded.  “Yeah I remember.”

“Well I have something to tell you.”  Kristy walked over to her chest of drawers opened a drawer and pulled out her pack of Marlboro Lights.

She saw the surprised look on Devin’s face.  Kristy raised the pack to show her friend and proceeded to pull one out.  “I tried it a few weeks ago.”

“What the hell Kristy?” Devin exclaimed.

“I like it, Devin.  You should try it with me. Kristy responded.

“No way! It looks so gross.”

“It’s not at all.  I used to think that too.”  Said Kristy as she raised a fresh cigarette to her mouth. 

Devin watched in amazement as her best friend brought the lighter to her lips and lit the cigarette.  She could not believe her eyes.

“What are you doing!!??”  Devin spouted.

“I’m smoking!”  Kristy said as she exhaled. 

Devin was speechless as she watched Kristy take a drag.  Devin just stared as her best friend inhaled.  Kristy’s chest rising visibly as she paused looking at her best friend.  Finally she exhaled and grinned widely.

“So, do you wanna try it Devin?” Kristy asked.

“Ummm no!  We can’t smoke Kristy.  We play soccer and all of our friends hate it!.”

Kristy was disappointed.  She had hoped once Devin saw her smoking that she would want to try one for sure.  It looked like Devin had no interest.  Kristy exhaled another plume of smoke before making one last attempt to persuade her best friend. 

“Oh come on Devin.  It’s really great.  I have been smoking for a few weeks and it gets better and better.”

Devin said “Well I don’t want to.”

Kristy shook her head and frowned.  “ok” She nodded.  She raised the cigarette and took a nice drag inhaling as deeply as ever.  She stared at Devin before exhaling.  As Kristy walked into her bathroom to dispose of the cigarette, Devin sat in silence.

“What had just happened” she thought to herself.  “I cant believe Kristy is smoking”.

“Does anyone else know?”  Devin asked when her friend emerged.

“Only my big sis.  She walked in on me the other day.”

“Yikes, how did she react?”

“Well she freaked out at first.  Luckily she promised not to tell on me and she even bought me my own pack last week!”  Kristy said triumphantly.

“So are you going to keep smoking?  Devin questioned.

“For sure.” replied Kristy.  “I really like it.”

“You do?”

Kristy nodded.  “I love the feeling of inhaling and holding the smoke inside.  I can’t even describe it.”

Devin was a bit interested.  “You smoke like your mom you know.”

Kristy nodded again.  “I know. Jess said the same thing.  She said I hold it in almost as long as mom before I exhale.”

Devin couldn’t believe it.  The two went about the rest of the afternoon and the subject never came up again.  It was clearly in both girls’ minds though.  Kristy so very hoped Devin would change her mind.  She decided she would not give up.

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