Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Emma Roberts new smoking candids and American Horror Story

First off....if you have never watched American Horror Story on FX then you have been missing out.  Talk about a great show.  There have been two seasons so far and both were really good.  Personally, I enjoyed the first season entitled Murder House a little better than the second season entitled Asylum.  But let me say both were good TV! There was also plenty of smoking on both seasons.  Lily Rabe, Jessica Lange, Taissa Farmiga and Sarah Paulson to name just a few.

Season 3 is title Coven and set in New Orleans. It is expected to get back to the "Romeo & Juliet" vibe that existed in season 1 between Tate and Violet.  I would love that!  With Emma Roberts joining the cast it should be wonderful.  Hopefully the best season yet!

Here is a looking question.  Will Emma Roberts character smoke in the upcoming season of American Horror Story?  We know producers have allowed plenty of smoking in the opening two seasons.  I would expect nothing less in season 3.  Here's keeping our fingers crossed that Emma Roberts will have some onscreen smoking appearances.

She has not had many smoking roles in movies so far.  A brief appearance in The Art of Getting By that left us wanting more.  It would be great to see her have several scenes over the course of the Coven season.

Just this week we were treated to some nice candids of Emma Roberts smoking during a break on the set of American Horror Story.  Here are a few of the best:

See more of Emma Roberts smoking here!


  1. Only a couple of more weeks until the season premier! Anyone have anything knew on the new season of American Horror Story?

  2. She did smoke in the first episode. Also those pics seem to be from breaks filming the scene she smoked in.