Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nicole Eggert smoking gold in Blown Away

I saw this movie was on Encore today and oh how it brought back fond memories.  One of my favorite smoking movies of my younger days.  Blown Away with Nicole Eggert.  You just don’t see these kinds of movies nowadays.  A beautiful, young actress with several outstanding smoking scenes in a movie.  Now we are lucky to get a single scene and it is usually poorly cut at best.  Blown Away will blow you away.

Since the movie was released way back in 1992, I figured there are plenty of people around now that have never heard of the movie or even the beautiful Nicole Eggert who was the young smoking star of the movie.

Known for her role as one of the mega-beauties on Baywatch, Nicole Eggert is truly stunning!  Blown Away role that came out the same time as her Baywatch years began.  Just check out a couple of her Baywatch pictures.

Then there was Blown Away.  Nicole Eggert still a teenager.  Stunning and smoking. Just check out these stills from the movie.  

If you have not seen Blown Away it is definitely worth checking out.  You'll be super impressed I promise!

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