Monday, April 22, 2013

College Girls Smoking - The Exhale

As many of our faithful readers have noticed over the last couple of months we have been focusing on the college girl smoking.  We have done pictorials on the college girl lightup and the college girl inhale.  In our newest pictorial we will focus on the exhale.  For many observers it is their very favorite part of the experience.

We watch entranced as the young woman completes her inhale and pauses in anticipation of the wonderful exhale.  Smoke flowing from her lips as her expression relaxes.

Pure bliss and beauty.  The more smoke the better.  A tight cone exhale is spectacular!

Check out this young hottie as she is intent on seeing just how much smoke she can generate!

Nothing better being surrounded by beautiful young college girls smoking and enjoying their cigarettes!

Keep checking back as we continue our focus on the college girl smoking!  More pictorials are planned and coming in the near future.


  1. Luv huge thick exhales

  2. Oh, the girl at the top, looking at her phone as smoke flows smoothly from her lips. She looks awesome in profile, which is super-important for every girl who has to smoke. Her hair is beautiful. She has a really pretty hand, which is so important for a girl who has to smoke. I will treasure this picture always.