Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Mila Kunis Smoking Tribute

In my opinion Mila Kunis is one of the most underappreciated beauties in the acting world.  Not only is she a solid and talented young actress.  She is a natural beauty.  She oozes sexiness, confidence and beauty.

Mila came into the public eye as a member of the talented comedy That 70s Show which is still shown on late night tv.  She was absolutely wonderful in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (my favorite role of hers) and she is in the current Oz the Great and Powerful.

Mila Kunis is also a proud smoker and has smoked in several of her movies.

 To me Mila's best onscreen smoking performance has to be in the 2007 release After Sex.  She smokes in several scenese throughout the movie and has a wonderfully erotic scene in bed.

There have also been numerous times the papparazzi have caught Mila Kunis smoking and snapped some wonderful candids.

So here's a huge salute to Mila Kunis smoking.  She is clearly one of Hollywood's brilliant young smokers and actresses.  With movies on the way such as Jupiter Ascending, Blood Ties and Hell & Back we can only wait for her next onscreen smoking appearance!


  1. Loved her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall! A true beauty.

  2. she's beautiful but i don't think it's right to glorify the fact that she smokes

    1. that is absolutely stupid. there is NOTHING sexier than a beautiful young lady smoking
      obviously, smoking is not good for you, and everyone knows that. of course, that has absolutely NO relevance whatsoever

  3. Ow she smokes... :( hope she quits smoking for health reasons

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