Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Beautiful Blonde candid Smoker

The following eight pictures are one of my favorite sets ever of candid smoking.  A park bench, perfect weather and a beautiful young blonde smoker.  Could not be any better at all.  How could this beauty not make you stop in your tracks.  She takes a comfortable seat and prepares to light up her cork tipped cigarette.

Once lit she is clearly interrupted as she finishes her opening drag.  Someone has asked to borrow her lighter.  She politely agrees as she exhales a beautiful stream of smoke.

Then she goes back for a huge inhale.  Just look at her eyes and the concentration on her face as she pulls hard on her cigarette.

She is clearly a deep inhaler as she pauses several seconds holding the smoke deep inside her lungs. 

Finally turning her side slightly to exhale into the soft wind of the day.

Simply beautiful!  I hope you enjoyed this set as much as I did from the famed candid smoking picture kind swedishsmoker.

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