Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tiffany Amber Thiessen smoking tribute

I think we have all had our smoking surprises.  Like when you found out the good girl you never thought would smoke lit up a cigarette in front of you.  Or how about the young celebrity that grew up in front of you on TV becoming a smoker as she gets older.  Well Tiffany Amber Thiessen would definitely fall into that category.

Growing up I watched her on Saved By the Bell.  She was immensely popular.  Thiessen was one of the most popular and beautiful teen stars of the 90s and the shows still run today.   

Kelly Kapowski

Never a smoker right?  Wrong!  In fact she stated herself that she started at the age of 16 while at Saved By The Bell.  What a sight that must have been 16 year old Kelly Kapowski smoking.

Her first onscreen appearance was a brief one on Beverly Hills 90210 when she had a short scene.  I know I couldn't believe it when I saw it on television.

From that appearance the news trickled in slowly over a few years.  Then Tiffany landed a spoof role in the movie titled I Know What You Screamed Last Semester.  Her smoking was off the charts!  Absolutely beautiful.

Her last smoking appearance onscreen came in Fastlane, a short lived television series that also featured smoking scenes from young Bianca Kajlich and Mischa Barton. Even though the series did not make it long, boy did we get some fabulous scenes from Tiffany!

Unfortunately there have not been many candids of her smoking at all.  I stay on the lookout though and if any surface we will definitely post them on The Hollywood Smoker!

There are plenty of videos on youtube of Tiffany Amber Thiessen smoking.  Check them out!

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