Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kristy & the Barnett Family Smoking Experience part 4

Part 4 --

Kristy was on top of the world.  She now had her very own pack of cigarettes and if she played her cards right she might even be able to talk her sister into buying her a pack every once in awhile.

With her newfound freedom Kristy was smoking a couple a day, whenever the chance arose.  Her style mimicked her mother very closely.  Her inhales were getting longer and she loved to hold the smoke inside three or four seconds before exhaling.

Her sister kept her word and did not tell.  The images of her 14 year old soccer star sister smoking were stuck in her head though.  She still could not believe she caught Krystal smoking.

A couple of times a month  Jessica visited her grandma Barnett (Suzi) who lived across town.  They would sit at the table and play canasta, a card game which Suzi taught her long ago.

None of kaci's friends played canasta, but kaci loved the game.  She always enjoyed her days when she and grandma Barnett played.  Jess had planned to visit on Sunday afternoon after church.

"Hi Jessica!". Her grandmother greeted her at the door to her house.  "Can't wait to get revenge for last week.  You can't beat me today!"

Jessica laughed as she countered with "We shall see!"

The two headed for the dining room where Suzi already had the cards set out on the table.  Jess grabbed a coke and plopped herself down at the table.  Suzi grabbed her cigarettes and joined her 18 yr old granddaughter.

Suzi had been a lifelong smoker.  Now in her mid-50s and a menthol, girl she preferred her Benson & Hedges.  She had no idea how her daughter Kim had ended up smoking Marlboro lights but she did.

Jess began shuffling the cards for play and Suzi pulled out a B&H and lit up.  The high schooler paid attention as her grandmother exhaled.  Suzi's style was different from her mom.  Kim inhaled like no other and it looked like Krystal was going to be of the same mold.  Suzi was a much "simpler" smoker.  Seemed very basic to the 18 yr old.  Drag, inhale, exhale.

Canasta was not a short game.  It usually takes a couple of hours to play a good game and Jessica and her grandmother always had good games!  Over the course of the game Suzi had four cigarettes.

She watched each time. So much so that she found herself well behind in the canasta game.  As Suzi crushed out her fourth Benson & Hedges of the afternoon kaci got the nerve to speak up.

"Grandma, why do you smoke menthols?" Jessica asked.

Surprised.  Suzi glanced across the table.  She had not expected the question at all.  It was totally out of left field. "Well honey, I have just always loved the taste truthfully. From my very first time I knew menthols were for me.  Why do you ask?"

"I noticed mom smokes the regular ones.  Is there that big a difference?"

"I know.  I was always surprised she chose Marlboro lights." Suzi stated.  "I caught her when she was 16 and knew I had no chance to stop her after seeing her smoke a couple of times.  I could tell how she already enjoyed it and being a smoker myself it would have been hypocrytical of me otherwise."

Jess nodded.  She wanted to tell her grandmother about Krystal smoking.  Not out of spite, but to keep the conversation going.  A lull followed as neither spoke for a couple of minutes.

Suzi could tell her granddaughter was curious about smoking.  It was more than obvious.

Finally Suzi broke the uneasy silence.  "Well honey, have you tried smoking yet?"

"No grandma sure haven't." Jess said not wanting to look up from her cards.

"Well are you curious?  You must be since you brought it up.  It's ok Jess, I do understand about smoking you know." she said with a big smile.

Jessica knew she could share with her grandmother.  They had always talked.

Jess raised her head and nodded.

"I don't mind showing you if you would like.  A young woman should know how to smoke I have always thought." Suzi grabbed her pack and shook two out.

"Here.  We'll do it together." Suzi handed a B&H menthol to her granddaughter.  She always expected kaci to become a smoker like her mother and herself, but Jessica's swimming had always kept her so busy with athletics.

Suzi lit up as her granddaughter watched.  She was so nervous.  Could she even do it?  What would it taste like?  Would she cough?

Jess took her first cigarette and placed it in her lips like she had seen Suzi and her mom do so many times before.

"Now try not to breath in much smoke at all at first.  I'll show you how to inhale in a minute." Suzi instructed.
Jessica leaned in as her grandmother flicked the lighter and held the flame over.  She touched the tip of the cigarette to the flame and gently pulled.  The menthol smoke entered her mouth and she removed the cigarette from her mouth.

"How does it taste honey?"

"Well umm not bad at all." a surprised Jessica stated.

"I'm glad you think so.  Let's see if you can inhale a bit shall we?"  Suzi asked.
Jess nodded as she looked at the cigarette in her hand.  Her heart was beating so fast!  She had never thought much about smoking at all, but now here she was.

"Now take a small drag and inhale.  Careful, not too much or you might cough."

Jess brought the B&H to her waiting lips and pulled some smoke into her mouth.  She knew how to inhale as she had seen her grandma do so many times.  Jess breathed in and the rich smoke slipped into her waiting lungs.

"Ooh" the teenager thought to herself.  The sensation was like none other she had ever experienced.  She knew to exhale and blew a thin line so smoke.

"Impressive." her grandmother said.

She grinned and went for another drag which she inhaled with ease before exhaling.  Her head was spinning a bit and she commented to Suzi she lt a bit lightheaded.

Suzi said that's the buzz of the cigarette and that she would get used to it.  "Maybe we should slow down a bit though." as she slid the ashtray towards her granddaughter.  "Set it down for a minute."

Jessica placed her cigarette in the ashtray and paused as the smoke swirled upwards.  After about a minute she was ready again.  Jess picked up her B&H and brought it to her mouth as Suzi watched.

The high schooler breathed in and took the smoke into her swimmers lungs.  The feeling she got was so unique.  She exhaled without trouble.

Suzi was not surprised at all.  She knew the youngsters swimmer lungs would have a great capacity for the smoke.  Years of physical training had set her up well to inhale.

"Ok, put it out and let's play a hand, Suzi stated.  She did not want to make a huge deal out of the event.  Sh wanted her granddaughter to make up her own mind.

An hour later and the game was winding down.  Suzi would be the canasta winner for the day, but that was certainly not the big happening that afternoon.

Smoking had not been brought up again since Jess's first as she got ready to head home.


"Yes, grandma?"

"Would you like a few cigarettes of your own?  In case you would like to try it again sometime?" Suzi asked.
Jessica smiled softly and nodded.  "Ok, this is just between us right?"

Suzi grinned and got her pack.  She pulled out three menthol cigarettes and handed them to the 18 yr old.  "Now hide these in your purse and I will get you a lighter." as she headed for the kitchen.

Jess slipped the cigarettes into her purse where they would not be obvious at all.  Suzi handed her a new lighter, leaned over and gave her granddaughter a soft hug.

On the drive home Jessica thought about her experience.  She thought she kinda liked the menthol flavor.   She would definitely have another try at smoking.

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