Monday, February 18, 2013

Kristy & the Barnett Family Smoking part 5

Part 5 --

It was Thursday night and the house was quiet.  Kim had taken Kristy to her soccer practice and dad was downstairs watching tv.  Jessica decided this would be the time to try smoking again.  She had smoked on Tuesday, but only was able to get in a few drags before she heard noises downstairs and got scared.

She grabbed her purse and headed to the bathroom she shared with Kristy.  Fishing out a Benson & Hedges and the lighter from their hiding place, Jess prepared for her third cigarette ever.

She was ready.  Jessica had seen so much smoking between her mom and grandmother that she knew the routine well.  She placed the cigarette in her mouth and within no time she had the B&H lit.

Jess was a perfectionist I guess you would say.  She thrived in her swimming and everything else she did for that matter.  The 18 yr old had seen many a movie with the likes of Julia Roberts or Kate Hudson smoking.  Just last night she had watched the Art of Getting By and was surprised to see Emma Roberts smoke early in the film.

She was determined to smoke well if she was going to do it.  She brought the cigarette to her lips and dragged hard, pulling in a lot of smoke for a novice.  Removing the long all white she inhaled.

Whoosh the smoke slammed into her chest.  Her eyes widened as she wanted to cough, but she held it back and exhaled.  Jessica couldn't believe the feeling.  The menthol taste was minty and the feeling in her chest was like something she had not felt before.

Again she thought.  Dragging hard once again she inhaled a large amount of smoke into her waiting lungs.  She was getting a bit lightheaded again.  The same as at her grandmothers house.

"I need to slow down again, like grandma told me." Jess thought to herself.

She decided to wait a minute until her next drag.  She looked at her reflection in the mirror.  Jessica was quite attractive.  She had such a pretty face.  She oozed athlete. The type that you would never, ever guessed would smoke.

Jessica went for another drag.  "pull hard" she thought as she began her drag.  Sucking the smoke into her chest was not a problem.  She had very strong lungs from years of swimming.  Jess was able to really get a good volume of smoke from her drag.

She held the smoke in her lungs briefly and exhaled.  As the 18 yr old finished the exhale and breathed in a fresh breath she felt there was more smoke in her lungs so she pursed her lips and exhaled again.  She was surprised to see a little more smoke on her second exhale.

"Wow" she thought.  "that's definitely as much smoke as mom."

Once more Jessica decided even though she was feeling the effects.  She took her biggest drag yet.  Pulling the smoke into her lungs, she turned to toss the cigarette as she exhaled.  Flushing the evidence, Jess grabbed her purse.  Not thinking to give a second exhale this time the remaining smoke trickled from her nose as she headed back to her room.

The swimmer was quite proud of herself.  She felt she had a knack for smoking after seeing how she had no trouble taking large drags.

Meanwhile, soccer practice was over and Kim and Kristy were headed home.  Kim was still a bit on guard about Kristy watching her smoke, but she had become more lax lately.  She no longer was keeping all her smoking out of sight of the 8th grader.

As they hopped on the highway heading home Kim pulled out her Marlboro Light 100s and lit up.  Inhaling as deep as always, Kristy was jealous.  She wanted to be able to smoke like her mom.  Anytime she wanted.  The youngster had been sneaking a couple a day since Jessica bought her a pack a few days ago.  She had definitely taken to smoking.

She stared as Kim seemed to hold the smoke in forever before turning her head to exhale towards the cracked car window.  Soon they would be home and Kristy couldn't wait to get upstairs and have a cigarette of her own.  

As soon as the car was in the garage Kristy grabbed her soccer bag and raced inside.  She was non a mission!  Seems she was craving a cigarette for the first time in her young life.  Racing upstairs she was not even as worried about getting caught.  Throwing her bag in her room she opened stepped into her closet and opened the drawer where she hid her stash.  Looking inside the pack she was relieved to see there were still five left.

Kristy decided to grab two and along with her lighter she quietly stepped into her bathroom that she shared with Jessica.  This time she made sure both doors into the bathroom were locked.  There would be no big sis stepping in on her this time!

She heard Jessica in her room, but Kristy just wasn't concerned.  She wanted a Marlboro Light 100!  Flicking the lighter to life Kristy pulled hard on the newly lit cigarette.  The young soccer player could definitely take the smoke.  It was her largest drag ever and she inhaled deeply.  She caught her image in the mirror as she exhaled a long stream of smoke.

Kristy was mesmerized.  Sure she had watched herself before when she had just started. But now the youngster could really smoke and she surprised herself.  "Look at all that smoke" Kristy thought to herself.  "That's more smoke than mom usually exhales I think."

She wanted to see again so she raised the cigarette to her lips and watched herself in the mirror.  As her lips closed around the cigarette she saw her cheeks cave in as she pulled hard.  Feeling the smoke enter her lungs Kristy removed the Marlboro and inhaled as deeply as she could.  Her chest rose noticably.  Kristy surpressed a cough as she held the smoke inside her lungs before readying an exhale.  The smoke seemed endless as she released from lips.  In fact another small stream slipped from her nose she noticed during the exhale.

Meanwile, next door her sister new what was going on.  Jessica heard Kristy throw her bag as she raced upstairs to her room.  As soon as she heard the bathroom door close she figured Kristy was going for a smoke.  Her sister usually smoked in the evenings.  Jessica wanted to join her sister, but she was a bit nervous to smoke in front of her yet.

Be on the  lookout for Part 6 coming soon!


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