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Kristy and the Barnett Family Smoking Experience Part 3

Part III

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Begin Part III -
Smoking was on Kristy's mind.  She thought about it quite a lot.  At school.  After soccer practice.  While sitting in her room at night.  The problem was getting the chances to smoke.

She had only been able to steal a couple a week from her mom.  Kristy had smoked a few times and had told nobody..not even her best friend Devin.  Luckily, she had been able to snatch one from her mom earlier in the day.

As her mom headed out for some errands Kristy headed for the bathroom she shared with her sister Jessica.  Kristy shut the door and put the cigarette to her lips as she got the lighter ready.

She was still a novice, but learning fast.  The youngster flicked the lighter and touched the flame to the waiting cigarette.  Kristy was getting the hang of lighting up now and inhaled from the very first drag.

One,   two,    three.  She pulled on the cigarette and inhaled. The smoke slipping into her chest.  Kristy loved the feeling and was beginning to be able to hold the smoke inside longer.  She paused and exhaled.

She watched in the mirror as she performed the second drag.  The look of concentration as she inhaled and held it one,   two,   three before exhaling at her reflection.

An impressive young smoker was being born.

Kristy raised the cig for another drag pulling hard.  She removed the cigarette and inhaled as the door swung open.  Kristy whirled around to see her sister Jessica standing in the doorway.

"Just what the hell do you think you are doing?"

Kristy froze.  Her lungs full of smoke.  She held it as long as she could.  In fact she had never held such a large amount in for so long.  Finally she could hold it no more and exhaled to the dismay of her sister.

"Since when do you smoke!?!?" Jess asked with her hands on her hips.

Kristy froze almost unable to speak.     "Ummm.   I have only tried it a few times...please don't tell mom." Kristy replied.

"You're only 8th grade!  What the hell is going on?"

"I don't know.  I just wanted to try it Jessica"

Kaci turned and stormed to her room shutting the door behind her.  Kristy was scared to death.  She threw the cigarette away and went to her own room almost in tears.

What should she do?  If Jessica told mom she was dead meat.  Mom would kill her!  She remembered how mad mom had gotten last month with no proof at all.

Kristy gathered her nerve and crossed the hall lightly knocking on her sister's door.  "Can I come in?"

"I guess", her sister answered.

"Jess,  please don't tell on me for smoking.  I'm sorry." the little sister pleaded.

"I dunno sis this is a really big deal."


"So what is going on?  I could never imagine miss little soccer player ever smoking?" Jessica asked.

Kristy paused and answered, "Well, I have been watching mom alot lately and just wanted to try it."

"Do you like it?"

"Umm, actually I think I do.  I've only had a few, but it's kinda fun.  Do you care if I smoked sometimes Jess?"

"Of course I care.  I don't I want it around me!"  said Jessica  "I guess I won't tell, but keep it to yourself!"  Jess saw the gleam in her little sister's eyes.  The 18 yr old had no idea why she had answered the way she did, but she figured she would just go with it for now to give her some time to process what she had found out.

Kristy decided to retreat and keep her fingers crossed that her sister would honor her word.

The next few days were quiet around the Barnett household.  Kristy was laying low.  Even though she wanted to smoke she stayed in the shadows pretty much.  Soccer and a night over at Devin's house.

Sunday afternoon came along and it was on her mind again.  The big problem was that Kristy did not have a cigarette.  She had been  thinking all week and she headed for her sister's room.

"Jess?  You busy?"

"Naw, whatcha want?"

Kristy slipped inside the room shutting the door behind her.  "Well, could you do me a huge favor?" Kristy was so nervous she could barely get the words out.  "Would you buy me a pack of cigarettes?"

Jessica turned away from her computer looking at Kristy.  "Now why would I do that?"

"Jess, I can't get any myself.  I have no way to get them and you are 18."

"Well how have you been getting them?" her older sister fired back.

"I have snuck a few from mom, but that's it.  I don't want her to catch me."

"Ugh I do NOT want to do this!"

"Please????" Kristy pleaded.

"Dammit sis.  I guess, but if we get caught I am coming clean and telling the truth."

Kristy bounced across the hall to get some money.  Jess couldn't believe how excited her little sister was.  She grabbed her car keys and they headed out to the convenience store.
As they pulled up to the 7-11 Jessica asked "Well what do you want?"

"Same as mom I guess.  Marlboro light 100s.  Oh and would you grab me a lighter too?"

Jessica sighed and nodded.  Heading inside Kristy watched as Jessica showed her ID and bought the cigarettes and lighter.

Hopping into the car, Jessica tossed the bag into her sisters lap.  "There! Now no more favors!"

Jessica sped off, but turned before heading home. She pulled into Chesapeake Park and found a spot to park.  Looking over at Kristy she said "OK so show me,"

"Huh?" Kristy said, clearly surprised.

"I wanna see you smoke?"

"I thought you didn't want it anywhere near you? Kristy answered.

"Just this once.  I can't picture you smoking at all sis."

Kristy was almost trembling she was so nervous.  She opened the plastic bag and removed the pack of Marlboro light 100s.

She had only ever smoked in her bathroom.  Never outside and never in front of anyone at all.

"Come on sis.  There is no one around at all."

Kristy opened the pack and pulled a fresh cigarette out putting it between her lips as she fished for the new lighter.

"Wow look at that kid." Jessica thought to herself.  "I never would have guessed.". As she looked at her 14 year old sister with a cigarette in her mouth.

Kristy's hand shook as she flicked the lighter and brought it upwards towards the long white cigarette in her mouth.  She sucked gently until she tasted the smoke in her mouth and then she pulled harder.  Removing the cigarette Kristy inhaled, paused and exhaled.

Jessica shook her head.  "Damn.  I never woulda thought at all."

Kristy gave a sly grin as she saw the surprised look.  "watch this" she thought.  She wanted to impress her sister who was clearly astonished.

She raised the cigarette and pulled hard.  One two three almost to four before removing the cigarette and pulling the smoke deep inside.  She held it in as she stared at Jessica.  Then she exhaled more smoke than she had ever.

"Holy crap.  You look just like mom!" Jessica said.

In fact, Kristy's smoking style was the spitting image of Kim's. The only difference was that her mom too, a bit longer drags and held the smoke in longer. Otherwise Kristy was a mini-Kim.

"Ok.  Throw that out and let's go home."

Kristy took one last drag and off they went.  She was so proud of herself.  Her older sister was seemingly on her side and she had a whole pack of cigarettes of her very own.  The last few weeks of summer were going to be great!

End of Part III  
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  1. Kristy's series is off-the-charts awesome. You do an outstanding job of describing Kristy's intense desire to become a smoker, and her pride in her accomplishments as she develops her smoking skills. I loved it that her sister wanted to watch her smoke. I love knowing how long Kristy is holding the smoke inside her. Thank you!

  2. I think it's a blessing Kristie was found out by her sister she smokes. It will make it easier for to indulge more in her pleasurable habit. I have twin daughters - 13 years of age and I recently took them on vacation. It was a two days drive, on the second day I could tell they became unsettled until one of them blurted out " dad we smoke and we're dying for a cigarette". I stopped the car at the next convenience store and bought them a carton of cigarettes each so that they were able to enjoy their holiday. It turned out to be the best thing I could have done for them. They told me they were smoking for about a year and a half.