Friday, February 22, 2013

College Girls Smoking - The Drag

So the Hollywood Smoker has done a couple of really good picto-stories on the lightup.  The first was entitled The Art of the Lightup and then we followed that one with College Girls.  I love the college girl subject personally so we will stay on that topic with this newest compilation.  Nothing like observing a beautiful young woman perform the drag.

After seeing her light up and getting over that excitement when we find out the girl we picked out is actually a smoker, we then want to see her style.  Watching to see if her cheeks hollow.  How hard she pulls on the cigarette.  It is wonderful to observe.

To see the college girl pulling on her cigarette is even more special.  She has most likely started in her high school years so she is still a relatively new smoker.

She is out on her own.  Freedom from the family and out of house.  The college girl is really developing her true love of smoking and we get a window into it however so briefly.

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