Thursday, January 10, 2013

Allyssa Milano smoking tribute

We all have surprises.  Those who we thought would never end up smoking.  Then BAM.  Rumours hit the internet and then finally pictures. A total surprise out of the blue.

Surprises over the last few years?  Definitely Britney Spears (even though she has turned into a bit of a train wreck).  Natalie Portman.  Last year Miley Cyrus for sure.  Hopefully this year will yield Emma Watson.

Well Alyssa Milano was one of those surprises for me years back.  I was one of those fans of Who's the Boss with the young Alyssa.  She was a teen star for sure!  Milano was just so bubbly and cute.  Never end up a smoker for sure.

Then as she progressed on the show she actually smoked on an episode as a teenager.  Nothing spectacular but still one of those "wow" moments.  Who would have thought.  Then she disappeared for awhile as she tried to transition from the show into adulthood.

Mainstream roles were hard to come by. That's when she did Embrace of the Vampire.  Definitely one of the best smoking roles of alltime in my opinion.  Milano transitioned from a non-smoking, shy, goodie goodie to a confident smoker in the film.  She became a smoking legend right there.

The Embrace role was soon followed by Alyssa Milano smoking in Poison Ivy II and Public Enemies.  The young adult was quickly becoming a legend as her smoking style was defined.

She even provided us some wonderful candids. Check these two out.

We can only hope that some of today's young Hollywood stars will offer us the quality and quantity of smoking that Alyssa Milano has.  Truly a smoking legend.  Hope you enjoyed my tribute to the great Alyssa Milano smoking.

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