Sunday, January 6, 2013

Emma Watson to smoke in Bling Ring role

It seems Emma Watson is going to smoke in her upcoming movie Bling Ring. The movie is based on true life events where a group of rich teens in California that take to robbing celebrity homes. Emma's character is the leader of the pack.

According to co-star Leslie Mann, Emma is playing a really bad character named Nikki. Leslie plays Emma's mother in the movie.

"Bad!" says Leslie, adding, "I don't know what I'm allowed to say."

Rumours have swirled for a couple of years about Emma Watson smoking, but there really has not been any definite proof. There are a few fake pictures floating around the net. Bling Ring has no scheduled release date as of yet, but is expected late summer.

 I will definitely be there to see Emma Watson smoking. It will be great to see her shed her goodie image from the Harry Potter movies. She is even said to have a tramp stamp for the role! Hopefully some pics will surface beforehand.

Taissa Farmiga is also one of the teens in the movie.  She smoked last year in the well reviewed American Horror Story on Fx.  Another very attractive young lady in the movie is Claire Julien.  Would be awesome to see her smoke as well!

April 25 There is a new Bling Ring trailer posted online that shows Emma Watson holding a cigarette not in just one but in two separate scenes!  Looks like jackpot.  Hopefully she will smoke well in the film.

Emma Watson smoking in Bling Ring


  1. So now the question becomes will Emma Watson actually inhale and smoke well in the film or look like an amateur?

  2. Anyone seen the movie yet that can give a review?

  3. I saw the film. Emma Watson mostly holds but has a nice (seemingly inhaled) exhale at one point when she takes a hit of crack. Taissa smokes a couple times (well) and Julien smokes REALLY well, although only briefly in a couple scenes. Katie Chang smokes a bit as well but she is a complete amateur.

  4. there are quite a few candids out there of emma smoking

  5. Emma does not smoke!!!!!!!!
    I want to know why she got a plastic surgery.