Wednesday, January 30, 2013

College Girls Smoking - The Lightup

We recently did an article about lightups called The Art of the Lightup that was very well received.  Our subject was a simply stunning young woman.  I decided to stay on the lighting up topic, but focus on my favorite segment which is the college smoker.  Here are some wonderful pictures of college girls smoking.

There is nothing like the thrill of seeing that beautiful college aged girl pull out a pack of cigarettes and get ready to light up.  She grabs everyones attention, especially someone with the smoking fetish

It is a moment caught in time as she brings the lighter up to bring her cigarette to life.  The first inhale is definitely something so special to see the concentration on her face.

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  1. Wow! All stunning beauties!

  2. Aah college days, what fond memories. I started smoking a bit before college but certainly learned how to turn my smoking style into a fashion statement during college with all the night clubs back then. MORE 120 cig certainly set of a particular dress and big hair I had at the time. Lol love seeing the young girls having so much fun.